Steve Hillier – And I Want You to Know That I Love You So

steve hillier

Regular readers of The Static Dive will remember Steve Hillier from recent singles “Beauty Is” and “Listen to the Wind Blow”. A veteran of stage and studio, for three decades he traveled the world as keyboardist and collaborator with both soul man Bobby Stringer and gospel singer-songwriter Betty Padgett. The multifaceted musician launched a new solo studio project in 2019 with jazz-infused blues of “Sunday Groove”.

Now based in Florida, Steve Hillier first started playing in bands and writing songs when he was still a teen, back in his home state of Connecticut. Since his solo debut, the prolific tunesmith has released two EPs and a half dozen genre-defying singles. The eclectic creator once again weaves together elements of multiple styles to create his own unique sound on his latest single.

“And I Want You to Know That I Love You So” is the current single from Steve Hillier’s latest EP Moving Star.  Once again teaming up with French musicians Mike Noegraf (guitar) and Zamm Kenoby (drums), Hillier delivers an emotional love song inspired by the great lighter-waving prog-rock power-ballads of the 1970s. Power chords and epic arpeggios ring out across the arena as the singer offers a heartfelt testament of love’s devotion.

Check out “And I Want You to Know That I Love You So” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Dive : Pop & Rock playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with Steven Hillier.

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