Nova Cascade’s Epic New Journey

nova cascade

Nova Cascade is a collaborative musical project that debuted in 2018 with the album Above All Else. That record introduced an international group of musicians who came together online over their shared love of progressive music. Their sound is a unique mix of ambient electronic and classic prog-rock.

Led by singer, songwriter, keyboardist, and composer Dave Hilborne, the prolific crew have produced four albums since their debut. The band’s had a fluid roster over the years. Their latest album pays tribute to one recurring character who they lost far too soon.

The Navigator is the brand new album from Nova Cascade, available worldwide via all major streaming services. The thirteen-song set is dedicated to the memory of a longtime member Eric Bouillette who recently lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. The band is donating all proceeds of the album to help fight the disease.

From the orchestral vocal intro and muted guitar arpeggios of “Sleeping Dogs” to the melodic acoustic mastery of the album closer “Au Revoir”, The Navigator guides listeners through epic cinematic scenes and deep emotional interludes. Throughout the record, neo-classical arrangements meet art-rock virtuosity. Woodwinds, strings, and guitars paint lush musical tapestries on tracks like “Safe Haven” and “A walk along the canal”.

Hilborne and his team are a consummate collection of veteran musicians with the vision to compose music that transcends genre. And they have the chops to pull it off. On The Navigator, Dave is joined by Dave Fick (bass), Charlie Bramald (flute), Nino Chikviladze (violin), Lorenzo Poliandri (drums), Colin Powell (guitar), and Eric Bouillette (guitar). 

Ambient and electronic music play a big part in the Nova Cascade sound. However, the band never remains exclusively in that realm. On tracks like “Submerged”, “Return to Haven”, and the 10:21 title track, the group weaves those ethereal threads through percussive guitar-drive power ballads. Although most of the record is instrumental, a vocalist makes occasional cameos throughout the album, offering sung and spoken-word meditations on the impermanence of time.

Check out the “Sleeping Dogs” video below. You can also hear the track “Au Revoir” on the Deep Dive : Jazz & Classical playlist, or listen to The Navigator in its entirety on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with Nova Cascade. Get on their socials and dig into their eclectic progressive vibe.

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