Igor Jukic’s New Instrumental Grooves

igor jukic

Igor Jukic is an emerging independent recording artist who made his solo recording debut in 2023 with the single “Nights in Neon”. That record introduced a multi-talented musician and producer from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Before launching his solo career, Igor was already well known in his home country as the guitarist of popular rock band Nemoguce Vruce.

Since making his debut,  Igor Jukic has released a string of successful guitar-driven instrumental singles. His sound is a fluid mix of progressive rock, pop, and jazz stylings. A talented multi-instrumentalist, Jukic crafts intricate organic and electronic soundscapes behind his signature Stratocaster tone. 

From the cinematic piano and Pink Floyd-inspired anthemic rock of his debut single to the soaring harmonies and the mind-blowing melodic dexterity of his latest contemporary pop instrumental ballad “Free“, in less than a year Igor Jukic has claimed a unique niche in the the world of instrumental music. His songs have connected with tens of thousands of fans around the world.

An adventurous and experimental composer, Igor Jukic paints complex and emotionally layered melodic scenes. He slides with ease between intricate jazz phrasings and metal power on tracks like “Deja’vu Sky“. Like the soundtrack to a movie you haven’t seen, the piece tells an epic tale, and features some mind-blowing guitar shredding. “Mind Loop” pushes the genre envelope even further with a wall of harmonized guitars, syncopated fusion grooves, and dreamy melodic moods. 

Check out the “Nights in Neon” video below. You can also hear the “Free” on the Deep Dive : Pop & Rock playlist and “Mind Loop” on Deep Dive : Jazz & Classical. Or listen to Igor Jukic’s music on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with the artist.

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