Bluelight Sessions, Vol. 1 – New Jazz Vibes From The Static Dive

You step into a smoky midtown jazz club. Somewhere in a dark corner, the house band plays a chilled out Latin jazz lounge vibe. Welcome to the Bluelight. Inspired by an era of effortless cool and timeless grooves, Bluelight Sessions, Vol. 1 is the brand new six-song EP from The Static Dive. 

The Static Dive is the professional name of musician and writer, Bob Smith. He toured the US college circuit in the 90’s, and then spent two decades writing and recording hundreds of songs as a solo artist and with other projects. In 2018 the multi-instrumentalist producer and guitar wiz introduced his new solo studio project The Static Dive, as well as an influential independent music blog of the same name.

Check out Bluelight Sessions, Vol. 1 in its entirety below. You can also hear tracks from the EP on the Deep Dive : Jazz & Classical playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service

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Listen to Bluelight Sessions, Vol. 1