Dave Curl’s Unique New Global Project

dave curl

Dave Curl is an independent recording artist who made his professional solo debut in 2019 with the single “Hot Summer Day”. That track introduced a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and producer from Switzerland. His sound is a soulful mix of folk, pop, and rock vibes.

Since his debut, the prolific performer has released nearly two dozen singles, two EPs, and the 2021 full-length album Introducing. 2023 was the singer’s biggest year yet. He connected with hundreds-of-thousands of fans around the world thanks to popular tracks like “Serenity” and “Lay You Lazy”. His latest project takes that global view to a whole new level.

Lockdown – Seven Nations is the brand new album from Dave Curl, available worldwide via all major streaming services on February 23, 2024. Unlike a traditional album, Lockdown puts a single song and theme in the hands of artists around the globe. 

The pandemic threw an already chaotic world into strange and unwelcomed territory. It affected every soul on the planet. We were handed a terrifying new reality with no instruction manual. Lockdown – Seven Nations offers a report on that reality and its effect, from every corner of the globe.

An electric guitar opens the track on an urgent minor-key chord change. Electronic and organic percussive elements enter the mix with syncopated grooves. On the mic, Dave Curl offers a report of the sorry state of our modern world. Observing the chaos through the windows and screens of quarantine.

The song’s music video features contrasting images of the singer set in tranquil locations, juxtaposed against scenes of people suffering around the world in sickness and isolation. It is a powerful effect. Curl delivers his commentary with stone-faced seriousness.

The full Lockdown – Seven Nations LP features eight different versions of the song. Rappers from Switzerland, Spain, Germany, France, India, Italy, and the UK all take their turns. Each emcee offers their view of the COVID pandemic. It is a fascinating listen, to hear the same world event reported on from so many different perspectives. Even when the language is foreign, the emotion comes through loud and clear.

Check out the original “Lockdown” video below. Lockdown – Seven Nations will be available worldwide via all major streaming services on February 23, 2024. Follow the links below to connect with Dave Curl, and get in the loop.

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