PianoFromNorth’s Dreamy Nordic Piano


PianoFromNorth is the new solo project from Danish pianist Michael Pedersen. He is a  lifelong musician who began his musical journey growing up in Denmark, when he first sat down at the piano at just 10 years old. He has made a living as a working musician ever since.

A creative and experimental composer, Michael Pedersen has spent years composing, decontructing, and recomposing his original music. He followed this process while compiling songs for PianoFromNorth, adapting his compositions to traditional Nordic musical traditions. The result is a collection of melodic and meditative pieces inspired by nature.

"The intention was to create solo-piano pieces, inspired by the Nordic way of harmonization (choral). Pieces that were both melodic and calming (some even meditative) inspired by nature, and with less minor/sus chords."
Michael Pedersen

“Dance With Me” is the current single and video from the brand new album Snowflakes by PianoFromNorth, available via the artist’s website. The relaxing yet upbeat tune follows the theme of the album, mixing contemporary classical and pop compositions with traditional chordal structures to create an immersive musical experience. The song’s video continues that vibe, as it features a beautiful woman dancing with her silhouette amid a snowy Nordic scene. 

Check out the “Dance With Me” video below. The Snowflakes album was recorded by Karl Pedersen at Blue Apple Sound Design in Odense, Denmark. Michael Pedersen performed the entire album organically on an acoustic Kawai RX-3 grand piano, with no quantization or any other studio trickery.  You can find the entire LP on the artist’s website. Follow the links below to connect with the artist.

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