Lloyd Lewis – Silent Cries From The Quiet Carriage

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Lloyd Lewis is a veteran composer and multi-instrumentalist producer. The Welsh recording artist launched his musical journey years ago, when he first picked up trombone at the age of twelve. That childhood decision sparked a love affair with the arts that would eventually become his salvation in an unforgiving world.

Over the years Lloyd Lewis would go on to earn his stripes on a number of instruments, from cello to bass guitar. Although the bulk of his creative career has revolved around the classical music world, the eclectic producer cites a wide-array of influences, from UK classic pop/rock group Godley and Creme to Eminem and Beethoven.

In 2017 Lloyd was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS), which was later upgraded to the more severe SPMS. Extreme fatigue, pain, visual and mobility impairment put an end to his life-long love of playing cello and trombone. In 2023, after years of disappointments from medical professionals, Lloyd turned once again to music for healing and catharsis. His career as an electronic music producer was born. 

Since then, Lloyd Lewis has released original music under both his given name and that of his alternative hip-hop alter-ego Lloyd MSUX. With the help and support of his loving wife Seren, the prolific producer has dropped a string of popular genre-bending singles. It is an amazing new chapter in an already remarkable story.

Silent Cries From The Quiet Carriage is the brand new EP from Lloyd Lewis, released worldwide via all major streaming services on February 6, 2024. Lewis composed and produced the entire three-song set over the course of a 1 hour and 50 minute train ride from Cardiff to London. He was accompanying his wife to see her dying mother.

"It's not a sad composition. It is contemplative, though. Kind of surreal."
Lloyd Lewis - Silent Cries From The Quiet Carriage 1
Lloyd Lewis

The piece is delivered in three parts. Throughout the record, organic downtempo boom-bap grooves meet ethereal orchestration. Parts one and two (‘intro’, ‘middle’) gradually introduce the various elements of the composition. Operatic backing vocals, ambient synths, strings, and piano arpeggios paint the edges of the mix, creating a surreal vibe. The pieces all come together in the final chapter, ‘ending’. A female vocalist delivers a soulful captivating mix of mystery and heartbreak as she sings “I’ve got secrets you can’t handle. A heart that’s hard, but it’s fragile.”

Check out Silent Cries From The Quiet Carriage in its entirety below, or listen on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear ‘ending’ on the Deep Dive Chill playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Lloyd Lewis.


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