Paul Schindler’s Americana Love Letters

paul schindler

Paul Schindler is a journalist, educator, and academic based in San Francisco, California. A talented and eclectic creator, Paul worked for 20 years in computer journalism, writing on assignment for high-profile tech publications like Computer Systems News, Information Systems News, Information Week, PC Week, Byte Magazine, and Windows Magazine. He later worked for eight years as a middle school history teacher.

Although much of the MIT graduate and former Jeopardy contestant’s work has orbited around the IT world, behind that analytical mind lies a poet. In 2020, Paul Schindler decided to try his hand at songwriting, and penned a series of romantic odes to his wife. He hired a freelance musician to record his three best tunes, and a music career was born.

Lyrics By Paul is the new EP from Paul Schindler, available worldwide via YouTube. On the three-song set, Paul offers a heartfelt dedication to the love of his life. With the help of his anonymous musical collaborator, the poet shares that love with the world, set to a cool Americana vibe. 

The record opens with the current single, the gender-bending love song “You’re the Only Woman Man Enough (To Bask In My Love)”. The track opens on an upbeat country/pop groove. On the mic, the singer tells the autobiographical tale of a loving soul who has finally found a partner in an otherwise unforgiving romantic landscape.

“If Offered A Choice” follows, with a folky metaphysical contemplation about love and reincarnation. As the singer strums his acoustic guitar, he asks his beloved to please choose him again as a partner, should she be given a choice as to the nature of her next life. The EP closes with “You Hold My Heart”, a gospel-infused bit of introspection, in which dark Americana verses about past romantic strife give way to the light of love in the present.

Check out Lyrics By Paul in its entirety below.  Paul Schindler is looking for more musical collaborators to bring his songs to life. Follow the links below to connect.

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