Matthew Finlay’s Relaxing New Everyday Harp

matthew finlay

Matthew Finlay is a professional harpist living in Virginia. For many years he has entertained audiences with the soothing sounds of contemporary classical music. However, until recently his performances have been limited to live in-person concerts, special events, weddings, parties, and the like. Recently the 36 year-old musician began to immortalize his music in video.

When not performing classical music, Matthew Finlay enjoys easy listening instrumentals, study beats, and other downtempo chillout tunes. In his travels through the YouTube world of mellow music, Matthew found that the few harpists who were producing videos, did so only to show off their technical prowess. So the musician and fan launched his own channel featuring his recorded performances of chill tunes on the harp.

Everyday Harpist is the brand new YouTube channel from Matthew Finlay. He launched the project in early 2024 and has already produced and published five videos of angelic tunes. Although he is a seasoned and gifted player, the focus of Finlay’s channel is the vibe, not the virtuosity. Each piece features serene and softly lit shots of the musician’s instrument as he paints an ethereal tapestry of sound.

Check out Matthew Finlay’s version of Bach’s “Menuet” below. And follow the links below to connect with the artist. Subscribe to his YouTube channel and enjoy some relaxing harp music, everyday.

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