Zachary Campos – New Single & LP

Zachary Campos

Zachary Campos is an MC, singer, and songwriter from San Jose, California. Regular readers will remember him from numerous previous singles, including the recently released “Scorching“. That song was the first single from his brand new album Funky MC, which dropped today.

His sound is inspired by a unique combination of old-school hip-hop from the 1980s, classic punk rock from the 1970s, and indie rock from the 2000s. Zachary Campos cites a wide-range of groundbreaking artists as influential to his sound, from Beastie Boys to Simon & Garfunkel. When not in the recording studio, Campos delights a variety of audiences by performing at assisted living facilities and wineries for a living. 

“Traffic” is the current single from Zachary Campos’ brand new album Funky MC, released worldwide via all major streaming services on March 29, 2024. Clocking in at just under a minute, the song is a first person account of life in gridlock. A rock & roll three-piece opens the track on a driving indie groove as Zachary takes the mic to vent his frustration with California’s highway system.

“The one good thing about being stuck in traffic for me is listening to music, which is mentioned in the song. A big spark of inspiration for this song came from James Taylor’s song “Traffic Jam” off of his 1977 JT album.“
zachary campos
Zachary Campos

Check out “Traffic” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Dive : Pop & Rock playlist, or listen to the entire Funky MC EP on your favorite streaming service.  Follow the links below to connect with the artist.

Song Credits:
Zachary Campos – Composer/Lyricist
Josh Zuckermann – Producer
Tim J Abbott – Producer
Santiago Diaz – Album Artwork