The Distractions Reissue 1991 Debut

The Distractions Reissue 1991 Debut 1

In 1991, The Distractions released their debut cassette “Days Tied in Knots”, recorded in a basement by three (temporary) college dropouts, Todd Haviland, Matt (“Mato”) D’Ambrosio and me, Bob Smith (The Static Dive). It is a little tape that started a lot of big things.

This was our first attempt at making a professional product. And I think we pulled it off.  It has great songs and a far better production than can be logically explained. The album was the result of many months of drunken dedication, nerdy obsession, and a once in-a-lifetime bond between three brothers from different mothers.

The Distractions tape made a splash locally, especially with our fellow musicians. It also got us a write-up in East Coast Rocker magazine which led to a call, and subsequent rejection letter, from MCA records. Two years later, Todd and I would start Shu while Mato was attending recording school at Full Sail University. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The newly reissued recording features the unadulterated original 1991 mix, taken directly from cassette. Nothing has been remixed or remastered. The only change is the inclusion of two bonus tracks. “How Long to Heaven?” and “Elephant Soup” are both instrumentals, the former by Bob and the latter by Mato. They were recorded and mixed during the “Days Tied in Knots” sessions and each is taken from its original mix. Like the rest of the album, they remain as they were in 1991.

More archives on the way.  Until then, enjoy “Days Tied in Knots” below, or on your favorite streaming service.

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