Paul Schindler & Clark Smith Take On The Robots

paul schindler

Paul Schindler first appeared on these pages in February upon the release of his debut EP Lyrics by Paul. That record introduced a techie turned tunesmith who discovered an aptitude for songwriting during the unexpected downtime provided by the pandemic. Working with professional studio musicians and producers he transformed a suite of romantic poems into a set of Americana love songs.

Well known in tech circles, Paul Schindler worked for two decades as a computer journalist for prestigious industry publications like Computer Systems News, Information Systems News, Information Week, PC Week, Byte Magazine, and Windows Magazine. He has also worked as an educator and even competed on Jeopardy. His extensive experience in the IT world informs the eclectic songwriter’s latest release.

“The AI Song’ is the brand new single from Paul Schindler, available worldwide via the artist’s YouTube channel. On the track, the songwriter teams up with vocalist Clark Smith to create a clever, funny, and scathing takedown of a technology whose potential is both exciting and dreadfully unsettling. Smith sings the acapella track to the tune of The Limerick Song (aka ‘Aye yi yi yi’) as he reports on the ‘lunacy, gibberish, and inanity’ of the most loved & hated technological revolution since the internet.

Check out “The AI Song” below. Read about Paul Schindler’s Lyrics by Paul EP here. And follow the links at the end of this article to connect with the artist. Check out his YouTube channel for more song parodies.

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