coke the bear New EP – Snow Algebra

coke the bear

coke the bear is an emerging international recording artist who made his solo professional recording debut in 2022 with the single “Bragga Pt II”. That track introduced a multi-talented and eclectic singer, rapper, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who blends elements of pop, rock, and hip-hop into his own genre-fluid vibe. A multi-lingual vocalist, he sings in English, Spanish, and French.

Since his debut, coke the bear has released two EPs and five singles, and has connected with fans around the world on popular tracks like last year’s “Refuge” and “NEWYORK”. Although originally from Europe, he is a constant traveler who has lived in twelve different countries and maintains a close affinity for Argentina and Colombia. 

Snow Algebra is the latest EP from coke the bear, available worldwide via all major streaming services. Over the course of the seven-song set, the versatile musician weaves pop hooks with hip-hop beats and social commentary. From the opening emo alt-pop of “CAVI”, the dark ballad title-track closer, he pairs deeply personal observations with infectiously catchy melodies.

“Backview” opens on a lofi ambient vibe before the beat drops on a rolling trap groove while strings and horns add a classic pop feel.  “Siempre Aquí” adds some reggaeton rhythm to that multi-genre vibe. On these, and on tracks like “LAAZY” and “SAN DIEGO”, coke the bear offers cryptic personal narratives set radio-ready mid-tempo hip-hop infused bops.

On “Glassine-Scene”, the singer introduces an ironic hip-hop stance and calls out those who cheapen the music scene. The record’s title track continues that theme but with a more subdued sound. A mixed ensemble of acoustic and electronic instruments accompanies the singer as he laments the current state of the biz.

Check out Snow Algebra below. You can also hear the tracks “CAVI” and “SAN DIEGO” on the Deep Dive : Pop & Rock playlist, or listen to the entire EP on your favorite streaming service.  Follow the links below to connect with coke the bear.

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