Ariel Tian’s Divine Musical World

ariel tian

Ariel Tian is an international singer-songwriter, jewelry designer, and self-described ‘Aussie Mama’. The multi-talented creator has carved her own musical niche in the intersecting worlds of fashion, film, and gaming. Recently, the singer has brought all of her interests together via a popular personal blog.

Hosted on the family-friendly, AI-power hosting site Gan Jing World, Ariel Tian’s website offers a multimedia view into her jewelry designs, writing, and music. On the site she offers her original compositions, as well as moving covers of popular film, TV, and gaming theme songs. All are presented beautifully with stunning video and still image photography.

She made her professional recording debut in 2019 as a major contributor to the album Recalling from Taiwan-based Waterlike Studio. Later she wrote the lyrics for and sang the Mandarin version of a song in support of Hong Kong, broadcast by New Tang Dynasty Television during an intensive report about the socio-political and economic issues in the region

Later, Ariel Tian began working as a songwriter with vocalist Mei Mei. The two have written and recorded a number of tracks together, and have projects planned for years to come. Below, watch the video for their song “The Cello Boy”.

In addition to her original compositions, Ariel Tian shares and creates content that draws inspiration from divine Chinese culture, including covers of Chinese fantasy drama soundtracks. The representation of divine culture is something Ariel Tian feels strongly about. You read her thoughts on the subject in the article The Xianxia Fantasy Drama World In My Eyes.

Below, check out Ariel’s version of Hong Chen Lu (Record of Mortal Realm) | Immortal Samsara Theme Song. You can also hear the song “梨花詩 (Poem of Pearblossom)” on the Deep Dive : Chill playlist. Follow the links at the end of this article to connect with the artist.

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