Yohanan Cinnamon Offers New Piano & Strings

Yohanan Cinnamon

Yohanan Cinnamon is an educator and composer whose musical journey has been informed by a life of service and spiritual transformation. Born in London to a French mother and English father, his love of music was first sparked in childhood. He would spend Sunday afternoons with his father, the two immersing themselves in his collection of classical records.

The young aficionado eventually learned to play guitar and began composing his own music. Yohanan Cinnamon explored the cities of Europe, earning money busking when needed. At the age of 18, he embarked on a life-changing summer sojourn to an Israeli kibbutz. The trip sparked a lifelong devotion to the country and its people. He relocated, married his wife Ronit, and has spent the subsequent decades working as religious educator.

Though much of Yohanan Cinnamon’s work has centered around Talmud studies and teachings, music remains an important and significant force in his life. Working with creative partner Israel Edelson, he has released four albums of original compositions. Recently, after an extended hiatus from recording, the composer rekindled his passion for music.

Inspired and encouraged by late professor and composer Andre Hajdu, Yohanan Cinnamon  rented a piano, invested in high-end audio equipment, and began composing. Working with talented arrangers like David Louis, Yonathan Goodman, and frequent collaborator Israel Edelson, Cinnamon offers the new album Piano and Strings. The record is available worldwide via all major streaming services.

The album reads like two chapters of an epic musical tale. Chapter one is comprised of seven orchestral compositions for strings, featuring the Orpheos Chamber Orchestra. From the staccato urgency of “Volante” to the joyful energy and flowing melodies of “Allegro in Springtime”, Yohanan Cinnamon takes us on a soaring and hopeful musical journey.

Chapter two features ten intimate solo piano performances. The set opens with the romantic melodies of “Forever Yours”. From there, Yohanan Cinnamon and Haim Tukachinsky offer traditional classical pieces (“Minuet After Bach”), cultural crossover fusions like the appropriately titled “Celtic Joy”, and the tragic melancholy “Lament for the Soul”.

Listen to Piano and Strings in its entirety below, or listen on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear the tracks “New Dawn Rising” and “World in Orbit” on the Deep Dive : Jazz & Classical playlist. Follow the links below to connect with the artist.

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