Friends Friends Debut Nuanced New Portland Indie Vibe

friends friends

Friends Friends is an emerging alternative quartet from Portland, Oregon. Last year, singer/songwriter Mack John joined forces with Nate Anderson, Matt Rossi, and Pat Tabrum to bring to life her unique blend of pop optimism and darker rock & roll tendencies. They have quickly built a buzz around their redhot hometown scene, and beyond.

The band has earned a reputation for their charged live shows that spin ethereal pop with hard-hitting noise-punk rock. They’ve received extensive press on international blogs and local print publications. Last month Friends Friends dropped their debut EP.

Nobody’s Sorry is the brand new EP from Friends Friends, released worldwide via all major streaming services on June 21, 2024. It’s a fun genre-fluid six-song set from an exciting new band with a cohesion that belies their short tenure together. From the grungy trashcan garage-rock power-chords of “Showerbeer” to the last-call ballad “No Woman”, the band flows seamlessly between grit and glitter.

Mack John spins optimism and melancholy on tracks like the lo-fi dream-pop “February 28”. The band meets that mood, laying 70s pop vibes on a modern indie-rock groove. “Secondhand” is a sleepy torch song that pairs an Americana/folk soliloquy with an indie aesthetic to create a sort-of PJ Harvey meets Lucinda Williams sound. 

On the current single “Neighbors’ ‘, Friends Friends weave stream-of-consciousness poetry and just enough abandon around a great groove to create a CBGB-worthy Television/Stooges jam. Metamorphosis follows with a cool mix of acid rock, pop, and Latin percussion. The record closes on the aforementioned blues-infused, anti-patriarchy anthem “No Woman”

Check out the “”Neighbors” official music video below. You can also hear that song and “Showerbeer” on the Deep Dive : Pop & Rock playlist, or listen to Nobody’s Sorry in its entirety on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with Friends Friends.

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