Winter’s Wail Light A Metal Fire On Pyrophobia

winter's wail

Winter’s Wail is an emerging modern metal band who dropped their first single “Titan’s Hell” in November of last year. That record introduced a high-octane ensemble of metalcore virtuosos with an emotionally charged post-hardcore sound. Based in Cyprus, the band first got together in March of 2023.

"We are Winter's Wail, and we're here to take you on a journey through a world of sounds where chaos and beauty merge into one."
Winter's Wail

The band released an eponymous four-song EP in January, further defining their uniquely cinematic and visual heavy metal vibe. They have connected with fans around the world with popular track’s like “Infection”. Later this year they will drop their debut full-length LP.

“Pyrophobia” is the first single from the forthcoming album by Winter’s Wail, released worldwide via all major streaming services on July 5, 2024. The track opens on an epic wall of guitar power-chords and synths.  Soon the beat drops on a hard metal groove as the singer steps to the mic with an intense guttural roar. The singer and band then switch gears in the chorus and launch the song into an epic modern rock anthem.

Check out the official “Pyrophobia” music video below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Dive : Pop & Rock playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with the band.

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