SheayAkins Drops Hypnotic New Sarafina


SheayAkins is the professional name of veteran independent singer-songwriter Oluwaseyi Akintola. He made his solo debut in 2013 with the single “Loop Love Fire”. That record introduced a multi-talented international recording artist with a sound influenced by his travels. The eclectic singer cites iconic pop, R&B, and gospel artists like Asa, Adelle, R.Kelly, and Ron Kenol as inspiration for his sound.

After graduating with a degree in Applied Physics from his home country of Nigeria, Akintola spent twelve years in South Africa where he studied audio engineering and began producing his own music and ultimately relocating to the United Kingdom. Since his debut SheayAkins has released a string of popular singles. In 2023 he dropped his debut full-length album Versatility (Vol.1).

“Sarafina” is the brand new single from SheayAkins, released worldwide via all major streaming services on July 8, 2024.  An acoustic guitar introduces the track with melodic arpeggios as the beat lands on a slow and low drill groove. On the mic, the singer offers a dreamy and soulful meditation as ambient synths and syncopated percussion paint the edges of the mix.

Check out “Sarafina” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Dive : Hip-hop and R&B playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with the artist.

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