"Poems from the Edge" is the new EP from Of Shadows And Lights, the genre-bending solo project of Italian multi-instrumentalist Angelo Pitone.
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Of Shadows And Lights - Poems From The Edge

Of Shadows And Lights

We first heard from Of Shadows And Lights back in 2021, upon the release of their album Almost Prophetic Visions And Thoughts. The one-man band is the brainchild of Italian singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist producer Angelo Pitone. He launched the project in 2018, introducing an eclectic brand of socially conscious and spiritually in-tune alt-pop.

Based in the Southern Italian city of Bari, Angelo Pitone has made a name for himself as a versatile multi-instrumentalist, talented singer, and insightful songwriter. Since his debut, the prolific producer has released an impressive volume of work, including one LP, two EPs, and over a dozen singles. Of Shadows And Lights have connected with fans around the world on popular tracks like "Under Control '' and "Nervous Breakdown". 

Poems from the Edge is the brand new EP from Of Shadows And Lights, released worldwide via all major streaming services on December 15, 2023. The four-song set is a genre-bending ride of self-discovery. Pitone poetically ponders existence over a mix of alternative pop, rock, and electronic vibes.

The record opens with the dark synth-pop intro of "On the Ledge". The singer contemplates the future in a mystical tale of anxiety and excitement as the track builds to an emotional and percussive cinematic climax. "Unbecoming" follows with mindful contemplation over some Depeche Mode-inspired electronica before the chorus blows up into a wall-of-guitars power-pop anthem.

Pitone shifts gears for an organic groove on "Into the Silence". Drums, bass, piano and guitar lay down a mellow and jazzy alt-pop funk for the singer's poetic soul searching. "Emerge" closes the EP with a taste of metal. The up-tempo rocker alternates between riff-heavy mayhem and a 90's alt-rock vibe.

Check out Poems from the Edge in its entirety below, or listen on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear the song "Emerge" on the Deep Dive : Pop & Rock playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Of Shadows And Light.


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