Black Hesher Steps Through The Looking Glass on “Portals”

Black Hesher

Last month I featured the album “Rituals” by San Diego rapper/rocker, Black Hesher. The album is a complex pastiche of genres and heady emotional content. It weaves in an out of musical styles and ties them together into something unique to the artist. I loved the record and was already looking forward to more. However, […]

Black Hesher Rocks The Hip-Hop Rituals

Black Hesher

Despite having origins separated by thirty years, Hip-Hop and Rock & Roll are not too distant cousins. They have a lot in common. For instance, each was born of the predominant African American youth culture of its time. In the case of each, white suburban kids and the population at large eventually caught up. Since […]

Bastard the Enemy Debuts A Brand New Vibe

bastard the enemy

San Diego’s Jeff Freedman is best known as the frontman for Punk band The Yucks. On ‘Bastard the Enemy’ he takes on a new persona and a cool hybrid Hip-hop groove.