Jackson Nuzzaci and LALO Explore A Perplexed Fantasy

Jackson Nuzzaci

“Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.” It is the apt tagline for twenty year-old rapper and singer, Jackson Nuzzaci’s new record “Perplexed Fantasy”. Over the course of six songs the Connecticut native explores themes of sin and redemption. Meanwhile, producer LALO creates a rich soundscape of eclectic beats, keys, and […]

LALO is Hunting Wendigos


LALO (pronounced lay-low) is a twenty-year-old rapper with a unique style born from disparate sources. He is originally from Denver, Colorado. However, despite his young age, music has taken him from his Southwestern roots to the Midwest and both Coasts. For example, the artist cut his teeth at Minnesota’s now defunct McNally Smith College of […]