mitchell – New Lo-Fi Down Under


“You’re Gonna Be Okay I Promise And I Love You” is the current single from Aussie lo-fi producer mitchell’s album “Whenever You’re Ready,

AllGood’s Lo-Fi World Tour

AllGood's Lo-Fi World Tour 2

On his recent album “LoFi Beats (World Tour)”, Dutch producer Allgood collaborated with a collective of like-minded beatmakers from around the globe.

Sonic Marvel Readies New Lo-fi Soul

sonic marvel

Sonic Marvel is an independent producer from Germantown, MD with a taste for classic soul vibes and lo-fi hip-hop grooves. His new album drops April 18

BeccasMelodies’ New Lo-fi Vibe

BeccasMelodies' New Lo-fi Vibe 6

“Playground” is the new lo-fi chillout groove from composer and multi-instrumentalist producer, Rebekah Obeng (aka BeccasMelodies)