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About The Static Dive and Bob Smith

bob smith the static dive
The Static Dive is a music blog featuring independent artists of all genres from around the globe. It is also the professional name of musician and writer, Bob Smith

The Blog

This site launched in 2018, originally intended as a personal blog and a humble online home for my various music and writing projects. There was no grand plan. Eventually I started a couple of playlists, wrote a few reviews and now here we are. Tens of thousands of visitors each month read about hundreds of independent artists. I’ve made friends from all around the world. There is still no grand plan. But, I’m having fun.

Bob Who?

Assuming you are new here, you’re probably wondering who the heck I am, and why I’m using an alias. Well, I assure you that Bob Smith is my actual real name. Clearly my parents had a cruel sense of humor when they were young. In any case, I try and make up for the ordinary moniker with a slightly more interesting persona. Fueled by painfully obvious yet under diagnosed OCD, a sizable ego, and brain cells damaged by years of abuse (and now pampered by sobriety), I make stuff. I’m a musician, a writer and a tremendous nerd.

In one capacity or another I have worked in the music industry for about a quarter of a century. In the early 2000’s I was a founding partner and the primary technical developer of HitPredictor.com. The boutique company helped define organic online music promotion and research. I am no longer associated, but during those years I ran campaigns for every major record label.

I learned a lot about both the good and the very bad sides of a crazy business. I got to know how the machinery of the industry worked, and for better or worse I got to know the folks steering the ship. The business has changed a lot since then, all for the better in my opinion. Big labels still exist but artists no longer need them. And that is a beautiful thing.

Music and Writing

Over the years I’ve made a lot of music as a solo artist and with my bands Shu and The Distractions. I still work with the bands on occasion. The Distractions recently released three new songs born out of quarantine. I release all of my new solo stuff as The Static Dive. It’s pretty experimental, mixing analog and digital into a genre-fluid sound. In 2022 I will be releasing a new instrumental album with my friend and producer, Kilo House. Read more about my new music here.

On January 1, 2022 Kilo House and I started a new Podcast/YouTube channel called The House of Static. We search for the root of inspiration with artists of all stripes from around the world.

I’ve been writing words for as long as I’ve been making music. My work with Hitpredictor afforded me the opportunity to write a regularly occurring byline column in Billboard magazine as well as the their radio industry newsletter Airplay Monitor. I wrote technical analyses of the market/music research we were doing at the company. For a few years I had a weekly music column in my local paper, and I hosted (and wrote for) a live TV show and my own indie music radio program. Now I do it all here at The Static Dive.

Life, etc…

Outside of music, for the last couple of decades I have worked in IT for government, manufacturing and media clients. For more on that check out my LinkedIn page. In my personal life I am the proud father of the immensely talented digital artist Lela Smith. We live in Upstate, NY with my fiancé Sarah, three cats and a dog. Other random personal facts; I’m an Aries, a vegan, I don’t smoke cigarettes (anymore), I don’t drink (anymore) and I have seen every episode of Futurama at least a thousand times.

So that’s it. Poke around, enjoy, and don’t be afraid to say hello!




2022 – The Static Dive