GaRee All Drops New Live Video

GaRee All

“Have Respect” is the new live performance video from FL-based singer, songwriter, poet and philosopher, GaRee All.

Farrelly – Somewhere in Uvalde

Farrelly - Somewhere in Uvalde 2

“Somewhere in Uvalde” is the powerful and emotionally devastating solo debut single & video from veteran Australian singer/songwriter Farrelly

Jostein Vidnes Berntsen New Single

Jostein Vidnes Berntsen

Jostein Vidnes Berntsen is a veteran of numerous Norwegian rock bands. “If We Don’t Dance” is the new single from his forthcoming debut album.

Reverend James Elmore Jenkins New LP

Reverend James Elmore Jenkins New LP 3

“Theosis” is the brand new full-length experimental album from singer, songwriter and South Carolina preacher, Reverend James Elmore Jenkins

Dixie Ziemba Debuts New Single

dixie ziemba

“Broken Glass” is the heartbreaking debut torch song ballad from Arizona-based Filipino-American singer/songwriter, Dixie Ziemba

GIO’s Heartbreaking Love Disease

GIO's Heartbreaking Love Disease 5

“Love Disease” is the brand new single from the forthcoming debut EP by 17 year-old Los Angeles native singer, songwriter, dancer & actress, GIO