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Music of The Static Dive

The Static Dive


In addition to writing this blog, I’m a musician. From my laboratory in Upstate, NY I concoct analog/electronic hybrids. Sometimes instrumental, sometimes vocal and always experimental.

Over the years I have played in bands like The Distractions, Shu and as a solo artist. You can read more about my history and the blog here. In 2018 I debuted as The Static Dive. Since then I have released a steady spring of singles ranging from downtempo instrumental Trip-Hop to upbeat, Blues-infused Psychedelic Alternative Rock. In 2021 signed a new recording and publishing contract with German label FBP Music Group.

For 2022 I am working with my friend and producer Kilo House on a really exciting new instrumental album. I am also collaborating with a number of other artists as both a songwriter and guitarist. Much more to come!