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Music of The Static Dive

The Static Dive


In addition to writing this blog, I’m a musician. From my laboratory in Upstate, NY I concoct analog/electronic hybrids. Sometimes instrumental, sometimes vocal and always experimental.

Over the years I have played in bands like The Distractions, Shu and as a solo artist. You can read more about my history and the blog here. In 2018 I debuted as The Static Dive. Since then I have released a steady spring of singles ranging from downtempo instrumental Trip-Hop to upbeat, Blues-infused Psychedelic Alternative Rock. In 2021 signed a new recording and publishing contract with German label FBP Music Group.

For 2022 I am working with my friend and producer Kilo House on a really exciting new instrumental album. I am also collaborating with a number of other artists as both a songwriter and guitarist. Much more to come!

Bit by Bit (in progress)

I’ve been quiet, but not silent. Enjoy! This version has been removed in preparation for the EP release on 1/1/19

Vodka Tonic 1

Vodka Tonic

This one floundered in the archives for a couple of years. I liked the tune but not the mix. Recently I resurrected it, replaced most… Read More »Vodka Tonic

Cover Songs 2

Cover Songs

I’ve had a Soundcloud for a few years now and honestly, I forget what’s there sometimes. So I was poking around on my profile a… Read More »Cover Songs