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The Static Dive

The Static Dive is singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist producer and music blogger Bob Smith. From his laboratory in Upstate, NY he concocts analog/electronic hybrids. Sometimes instrumental, sometimes vocal and always experimental.

A veteran of both sides of the music business, Bob has hosted TV and radio, written for Billboard magazine, and helped create the revolutionary HitPredictor song testing platform. All the while he has been making multi-genre original music with his bands The Distractions, Shu and as a solo artist. Bob also runs the international Independent Music blog, The Static Dive on which he connects with thousands of musicians and fans around the globe. You can read more about Bob and the blog here.

On August 20, 2021 The Static Dive will drop the new single “The Refrain,” Bob’s first release since signing a new recording contract with German label FBP Music Group.

Vodka Tonic 1

Vodka Tonic

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Cover Songs 2

Cover Songs

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