Doddi Dances On In The Wasteland

Doddi Dances On In The Wasteland 1

Earlier in the summer I reviewed Last Dance (Wastelands) by Icelandic techno artist, Doddi. I loved the sprawling and atmospheric instrumentation on inspired Dark House track. Guest vocalist Una Stef’s gorgeous soprano matched Doddi’s Depeche Mode style lead vocal perfectly. Doddi and his collaborators have released a series of remixes of the song. So, I […]

Doddi’s Beautiful Wasteland

Doddi's Beautiful Wasteland 2

Sometimes a song just grabs you right from the first beat. Something about “Last Dance (Wastelands)” by Doddi, pulled me in right away. The downtempo techno groove and big, open air synth sound, set the scene. I’ve never been to Iceland, the artist’s home. However, in my mind this song took me there, on the […]

The Love Guru Shakes Your Body

The Love Guru

What’s more fun than the Jacksons? That’s a trick question. Nothing is more fun than the Jacksons. So, what is as much fun as the Jacksons? Only one thing… a cover of the Jacksons’ “Shake Your Body” performed by a slightly insane Icelandic DJ named The Love Guru. He is the alter-ego of EDM producer […]