Dyno Project’s Timeless New Single


Boston musician Bob (Dyno) DiNozzi’s Dyno Project continues with the release of the soulful bossa nova-infused pop/folk single “Listen (to Your Dreams)”

Dyno Project Delivers A New Jazz Crooner

Dyno Project

Dyno Project’s “The Sum of My Days” is a classic Jazz crooner in which the singer realizes at the end of his days, it was the love he shared that made it all worthwhile

Brady Novotny – Passions Collide

Brady Novotny - Passions Collide 1

I have friends like Brady Novotny… guitar people. I do not simply mean guitar players. Guitar players are everywhere. I am talking about the guys and girls who live and breathe guitars. Brady is a guitar player’s guitar player. They are the kids who practiced scales when the rest of us “guitar players” were learning […]