Since 1993, Shu has been molding the sounds of the universe into something to which drunken hippies can dance. A sort of hybrid ska/rock/funk/jam group who incessantly toured the 1990’s college circuit, Shu still makes appearances on the stages of Upstate NY a few times per year.

Here are some of the recordings we have made over the decades. There are dozens more on cassettes in my studio. As I digitize them, I will update this page. You can also find Shu on Spotify

Fanagalo (1996)

Recorded by Doug Ford at Sweetfish Studios, Argyle, NY

Cool Canine Sessions (1997)

(unfinished album)

Shu (2001)

Recorded by Marc Fuller at Trees Lounge Studio, Greenwich, NY

The NCPR Session (2006)

Recorded live in studio, Lake George, NY

From the Vault

Live bootleg cassettes, digitized… updated regularly

Live at Gug’s (12/21/12, Glens Falls, NY)

Live at Hudson River Music Hall (11/10/12, Hudson Falls, NY)

Live at Stemstock (August 2000, Whitehall, NY)

Live in Studio WRPI, RPI University 2/4/97

Shu Live at CBGB (12/13/95, NYC)

Live Acoustic at the Backdoor Cafe (12/23/95, Glens Falls, NY)

Danced With Your Mother – Live at Freddy’s on Elm St. (1994, Glens Falls, NY)

Random and Rare

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