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prime the producer

Prime the Producer Drops New Beats

Over the past year, Brooklyn’s Prime the Producer has delivered a string of successful singles and EPs. Now the prolific producer has launched a beat store

frank cogliano

Frank Cogliano’s New Retro Future Vibe

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Frank Cogliano is a successful composer and producer based in Brooklyn, with a taste for organic instrumentals, stringed instruments and vintage analog gear.

cold sholda

Cold Sholda Brings Forth A New Rome

Brooklyn native Italian-American rapper Cold Sholda delivers his vision for a New Rome with classic East Coast Boom Bap beats and an old-school freestyle flow. 

Troy bands

Troy Bands – Return Of Trap

NYC native, AZ-based rapper Troy Bands drops his debut EP “Return Of Trap,” a six song collection of hard Drill Trap marked by clever rhymes and an impressive flow