Getting Playlisted

Getting Playlisted 1

Back in the day, radio airplay was the key to success in the music business. If you ever hoped to make it to the cover of the Rolling Stone, you first needed to get on radio station playlists. In 2019, the playlists are all online. Spotify, Soundcloud, Tidal, iTunes, Deezer, etc…. they are the new […]

Promote Your New Music

Promote Your New Music 2

Promote Your Music @ StaticDive.com Are you releasing new music? Let us help you promote it. Reach thousands of ACTIVE independent music fans! For just $10 we will: Tweet a link to your new music on our twitter accounts @staticdive and @b0bsmith You will be a Featured artist on the Reviews page and the Home page We will share the feature link via […]