Exclusive – Retribalize, new single from The Static Dive

The Static Dive - Retribalize

It’s a new month, and that means a new single. To recap… each month in 2019, as The Static Dive I am releasing a new single. I refer to the project as #12months12songs. You can read all about the project and see a video or two here. The new track for May is an instrumental […]

Two-Line Reviews – 4/14 Playlist Update

Two-Line Reviews - 4/14 Playlist Update 1

I curate two Spotify playlists. When I add songs to them I write short reviews here… just a couple of lines. Sometimes the reviews are three lines long. The rules are not strict. The Playlists: 4/14 Update Artist: SPOORSong: Can’t Get Past MyselfLocation: North-Central TX Review:Right away the guitar caught my ear on this one. […]

Trippy Robot Space WIP

Trippy Robot Space WIP 2

View this post on Instagram This crazy thing will probably be something, though I am not sure what yet. Right now, it is this. Maybe the theme song to the next X-files reboot? #triphop #psychedelic #wip #np #nowplaying #newmusic #musicproducer #recordingstudio #synth #beats #hippy #recording #trippy #instrumental #spacemusic A post shared by The Static Dive […]

Mezzo Nuovo Blues – by The Static Dive

Mezzo Nuovo Blues - by The Static Dive 3

A Trip-hop, Nu-Blues, Future Spaghetti Western Instrumental featuring funky keys, retro synth bass, and a killer guitar solo. … more from The Static Dive Mezzo Nuovo Blues

New Single out Today! ‘Mezzo Nuovo Blues’

New Single out Today! ‘Mezzo Nuovo Blues’ 4

‘Mezzo Nuovo Blues’ is the April release in the #12months12songs series. It is a new Blues, Triphop, Spaghetti Western instrumental. And it is groovy. Click the appropriate link below to listen on your favorite service!

Works in Progress

Works in Progress 5

The next single in the #12months12songs series is ‘Mezzo Nuovo Blues’. It will be available everywhere on 4/9/19, but you can listen here. Of course, I am moving on to May now. I have four works in progress. Each time I sit down to finish one, I start something new. It is a good problem […]

Low Tide Funk

Low Tide Funk 7

Here is a little something I am working on. Right now this is only available here, but I will likely release it on Spotify soon. The plan for 2019 is to release (at least) one single of instrumental music every month. This will be February’s installation. There is a drum loop from a Maynard Ferguson […]