Curtfloatn Drops New NOLA Trap


TRAP’N & MACK’N is the new LP from New Orleans native rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, model, and entrepreneur, Curtfloatn

Frylock Drops New Hi-Fi C-Sides


“Fry’s Hi-Fi C-Sides” is the brand new lo-fi hip-hop LP from Louisiana-based rapper, songwriter, and producer, Frylock.

The Links’ New Delta Surf Psychedelia

the links

“Try to Change” is the brand new single from the forthcoming LP “Outside” by Lafayette, LA based psychedelic, alternative, surf-rock band, The Links.

Li$o Drops New Heartbreaker


“No More Heroes” is the brand new heartbreaking emo ballad from Shreveport, Louisiana-based singer/songwriter, Li$o