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bruce t carroll

Bruce T Carroll – First Bird To Sing

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Bruce T Carroll’s new album “First Bird to Sing” is a rich Americana mix of Rock, Folk & Country that looks at life, death, how we live and how we impact others.

le ron

Le Ron’s New Ode To The Grind

On Friday July 30, Albany, NY rapper Le Ron will drop his new track about making that money. “Stack it Up” is the b-side follow up to his hit “Voicemail.”

Chris Ruggiero

Chris Ruggiero’s Timeless New Album

Chris Ruggiero is a 22 year-old singer with a timeless style. His new album “I Am Chris Ruggiero” is an ode to the great tradition of Pop and Rock songwriting


The Mustache Petes – Ugly Things

“ugly things” is the debut EP from The Mustache Petes. Recorded in 2008 and released on April 30, 2021. It’s a bit of nerd Rock history.