The Static Dive – ‘Callisto’ – Available Everywhere TODAY!

The Static Dive - 'Callisto' - Available Everywhere TODAY! 1

As you may know, The Static Dive is releasing a new song every month in 2019. The new song for June is out today! This is some Deep House space music. You fly through the solar system to Jupiter’s moon, Callisto. When you arrive there, you find aliens playing salsa music, at a rave. original […]

New Music Friday – The Static Dive – ‘Retribalize’


I have a little bit of my own music to share today. The May entry of #12months12songs is called ‘Retribalize.’ It’s a funky little psychedelic Trip-Hop number with samples of media philosopher and futurist, Marshall McLuhan. The tune explores the changes in our collective unconscious brought on by the advent of the information age. Also, […]