prime the producer

Prime the Producer Drops New Beats

Over the past year, Brooklyn’s Prime the Producer has delivered a string of successful singles and EPs. Now the prolific producer has launched a beat store

Alex genadinik

Alex Genadinik’s Uplifting Sound

Alex Genadinik is a singer/songwriter based in New York City who specializes in relatable songs inspired by great artists throughout history.

tron page

Tron Page’s Money-Making Trap Anthem

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Tron Page is an emerging East Coast rapper with an old-school lyrical flow and modern production. “Income” is the current single from his debut LP “Opulent Mindset”

cat greenfield

Cat Greenfield New Folktronica Deja Vu

NYC singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist performance artist Cat Greenfield drops a clever new Indie Electro Folk Pop breakup song & video “Deja Vu”