Eva-Lina Drops Your Summer Soundtrack


Eva-Lina’s “You so Cool” sounds every bit the summertime jam it is intended to be. Musically, chill synth chords are driven by a tight electronic bassline and beat with trap-hats, tailor made for a surfside dancefloor. Eva-Lina’s voice is excellent, showing impressive range flowing smoothly between low-spoken verses and high Mariah-like soprano harmonies. Lyrically the […]

Two-Line Reviews – 4/14 Playlist Update

Two-Line Reviews - 4/14 Playlist Update 1

I curate two Spotify playlists. When I add songs to them I write short reviews here… just a couple of lines. Sometimes the reviews are three lines long. The rules are not strict. The Playlists: 4/14 Update Artist: SPOORSong: Can’t Get Past MyselfLocation: North-Central TX Review:Right away the guitar caught my ear on this one. […]