Weekly Features – Pride Month, Funk, and More!

Weekly Features - Pride Month, Funk, and More! 1

The Weekly Features Playlist highlights all of the artists who appeared on the pages of StaticDive.com during the previous week. As always, the list is packed full of great indie Pop, Rock, Funk, and Electronic from around the globe. New additions this week include; LoneBorn (Miami), Dominic Wolf (London, UK), Renee-Louise Carafice (Las Vegas), The […]

Weekly Features – SoundCloud Update 5/19/19


Time for the weekly SoundCloud playlist update. Each week I update the playlist with all of the artists featured on StaticDive.com throughout the previous week. I’m pulling a fast one though. I used to call the list “Friday Features”, but I’m updating it on Sunday this week, so… new name! This week’s “Weekly” features list […]

Friday Features – 4/19 SoundCloud Update

Friday Features - 4/19 SoundCloud Update 2

I’m starting a new thing… every Friday I will create a Soundcloud playlist of the songs reviewed throughout the week on the site (if the artist is on Soundcloud). This week’s artists… Aletulle Scarlett Randle Asleep Within Waves False Heads Katmaz Fellow Robot Purrple Cat Fotiz Liberis If your music was reviewed this week and […]

Mezzo Nuovo Blues – by The Static Dive

Mezzo Nuovo Blues - by The Static Dive 3

A Trip-hop, Nu-Blues, Future Spaghetti Western Instrumental featuring funky keys, retro synth bass, and a killer guitar solo. … more from The Static Dive Mezzo Nuovo Blues

Getting Playlisted

Getting Playlisted 4

Back in the day, radio airplay was the key to success in the music business. If you ever hoped to make it to the cover of the Rolling Stone, you first needed to get on radio station playlists. In 2019, the playlists are all online. Spotify, Soundcloud, Tidal, iTunes, Deezer, etc…. they are the new […]

New Single out Today! ‘Mezzo Nuovo Blues’

New Single out Today! ‘Mezzo Nuovo Blues’ 5

‘Mezzo Nuovo Blues’ is the April release in the #12months12songs series. It is a new Blues, Triphop, Spaghetti Western instrumental. And it is groovy. Click the appropriate link below to listen on your favorite service!

Works in Progress

Works in Progress 6

The next single in the #12months12songs series is ‘Mezzo Nuovo Blues’. It will be available everywhere on 4/9/19, but you can listen here. Of course, I am moving on to May now. I have four works in progress. Each time I sit down to finish one, I start something new. It is a good problem […]

Holy Ghost – the audio process

Holy Ghost - the audio process 8

I started #12months12songs as a motivator to remain productive, creatively, throughout the year. The idea was not just to write new material, but also to finish some diamonds in the rough. I have dozens of unfinished tunes in the vault. Some are nearly completed songs while others are little more than cool beats with little […]