New Music Friday – The Static Dive – ‘Retribalize’


I have a little bit of my own music to share today. The May entry of #12months12songs is called ‘Retribalize.’ It’s a funky little psychedelic Trip-Hop number with samples of media philosopher and futurist, Marshall McLuhan. The tune explores the changes in our collective unconscious brought on by the advent of the information age. Also, […]

Holy Ghost – the audio process

Holy Ghost - the audio process 1

I started #12months12songs as a motivator to remain productive, creatively, throughout the year. The idea was not just to write new material, but also to finish some diamonds in the rough. I have dozens of unfinished tunes in the vault. Some are nearly completed songs while others are little more than cool beats with little […]

Working Class Hero

Working Class Hero 2

I released this cover of the John Lennon classic at the beginning of 2019, though it was recorded a couple of year earlier. For a long time I had the idea to cut a video from the old silent movie Sci-Fi masterpiece ‘Metropolis’. I finally did it, so the song was released. Here is the […]

Working Class Hero – Video!

Working Class Hero - Video! 3

I made a video mash-up of my version of ‘Working Class Hero’ and the classic sci-fi silent movie ‘Metropolis’ by Fritz Lang. And, It’s pretty cool IMHO.