The Distractions – Shake The Feeling – 5/15/20

The Distractions

For a few decades now, collectively and individually four best friends have been making music. Sometimes, they call themselves The Distractions.

The Distractions include Matt D’Ambrosio (drums), Todd Haviland (bass), and Bob Smith (guitar, vocals, bass, keys, etc). Between 1988 and 1994 they recorded over 400 songs on a four-track cassette recorder. Those songs include many diamonds in the rough and a ton of fun atrocities. You can peruse them to your heart’s content here in the Archive.

In 1998 they found their way into a real studio with their very own George Martin, Grammy Award winning engineer Marc Fuller. For the next 20 years, they made records. Sometimes they were all four together. Sometimes it was just a couple of them. Nevertheless, each record is philosophically and stylistically, The Distractions.

Now in 2020, they are doing it again. “Shake the Feeling” is the band’s first new release in 12 years. Written and recorded in quarantine, each member recorded his respective part in his own home studio. The band then sent the tracks to Marc for mixing.

This is the first of many new songs scheduled this year, ultimately leading to a new album by the fall.





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The Distractions Back Catalog

Live in studio, around 2014


Built For Better Days (2018)

Originally released as The Static Dive

Although this was originally The Static Dive, my music changed immediately after I released it. This may be my last Alt-Rock record. Maybe not. But it will definitely be the only one released as The Static Dive. It belongs here in this list. I removed the record from Spotify and Apple Music in order to avoid confusion. But I really dig it and it is still available on BandCamp. One or two of these songs will probably end up on the Distractions “Best of.”

Bob Was Here (2010)

Originally released as Bob Smith

I love this record. It is some of my loudest stuff. Recorded in my garage, it is mostly me all by my lonesome. However, Mato does play drums on a couple of tracks.

There was one other “Bob Smith” record after this one. No Mas Palabras was a cool collection of weird instrumentals. I like it, but it really doesn’t fit in here.

Something Good (2008)

Originally released as The Distractions

The Distractions got together to record an honest-to-goodness album in 2008. This is some of our best stuff. I recorded most of the vocals and guitars ahead of time on my own. Marc Fuller recorded the bass and drum tracks at Edie Road Studios in Argyle, NY

The Reason for Swimming (2006)

Originally released as Bob Smith

This was a weird time in my personal life. However, some great songs came out of it. There is a lot of depth to these songs. I guess I was feeling philosophical.

Data in Dream Life (2003)

Originally released as Bob Smith

I’ve always like this one a lot. It’s sort of all over the place, stylistically. But, it has some great songs. The second track is a real rocker. This record also marks the beginning of my experiments with electronic music. If you listen, you’ll find a few loops and synths in the mix.

Solo (1998)

Originally released as Bob Smith

This was the first time I went into a real studio without Shu. I had recently quit the band (I eventually returned). The tracks are a bit hit-or-miss. However, “Mean Old Me” and “Sometimes” are two of my best songs.

Our 1991 debut “Days Tied in Knots,” remastered

coming soon…

The Distractions

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