Hypnagogic Explores The Dreamy Unknown

Hypnagogic is the avant-garde Indie Rock creation of Thomas Farid. The San Juan, Puerto Rico artist has been producing music for four years in his home studio, armed with an M-Audio Keystation piano and a Blue Yeti microphone. In that time he has released dozens of experimental tracks on his SoundCloud and YouTube profiles. Thomas’ chosen stage name is a reflection of the surreal nature of his project.

The Hypnagogic state is a psychological term for the state of mind that rests somewhere between sleep and consciousness. It is a brief, hypnotic and creative moment we all experience when waking or falling asleep. Throughout history, artist’s have historically called on this meditative state for inspiration. John Lennon is said to have written “Across the Universe” in a hypnagogic state. Thomas Farid’s music finds similar inspiration in the ether.

My music is about growth and transformation, believing in yourself and reaching higher states of living.

Thomas Farid (Hypnagogic)

“Done Waiting” is a Lo-fi Indie-Rock track with the experimental spirit of bands like Ween and early Flaming Lips. The song is built around a melodic distorted bass line. Four on the floor drums drive the track forward as Thomas sings an esoteric and dreamlike falsetto narrative. It is an otherworldly groove with only a thin tether to the conscious world.

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