Blind Season’s Intense New Single “The Dark Bedroom”

Blind Season took a long road to get to their debut. The band, formed by guitarist Shane Sigro went through five different incarnations before finally landing on the ensemble they are today. After suffering through interpersonal battles and various other disasters, Sigro could have thrown in the towel. However, he was determined to see his vision come to fruition. He took vocal lessons and took his songwriting in a whole new direction. 

With a newfound creative energy and a streamlined three piece line-up, Blind Season is ready for their close-up. “The Dark Bedroom” is the band’s debut single. The track is a psychological thriller of an Alternative Rock tune. With dark and cryptic lyrics the song hints at some disturbing themes. In a haunting tone reminiscent of Thom Yorke of Radiohead or Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins, Sigro sings “Hold you down in the dark. They’ll tear your heart out.” 

Meanwhile the band moves through dramatic shifts in intensity and rhythm. The verse is built around a melodic upper-register staccato guitar riff, which builds in urgency as additional harmonized layers join the mix. The trio moves as a single unit without missing a beat through some complex changes in rhythm, especially during the bridge.

A tricky song to write in terms of tempo, but after a couple rewrites I love how this song turned out. It represents a schizophrenic feeling that can be hard to pinpoint at times. Feeling trapped within yourself and just not leaving your room for days on end.

Shane Sigro

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