Cramer – A Unique Talent And Powerful Soul

Cramer is a woman of a single name and many talents. The DMV (District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia) native has made a name for herself on many fronts throughout the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. By day she is a youth arts advocate, mentoring young artists in her home of Prince George’s County, Maryland. By night she is a dynamic performer. The singer, songwriter and guitarist has created a signature sound with her soulful vocals and smooth Stratocaster stylings.

The singer recently showcased her formidable performance skills and deeply personal songwriting on the DMV area show, One Honest Nation with Devin Wheeler. On the show Cramer talked with the host about her personal views on self respect, personal responsibility and the creative process. She explains how she got here, from her personal experience in youth theater to composing and performing as an adult. It is an engaging and insightful interview.

Interspersed between interview segments, Cramer performs. As a songwriter she makes deeply personal and autobiographical music. Her performance and compositional styles rest somewhere between Folk and Jazz. Intricate, melodic chord voicings weave through her songs. The guitar is not there to create a musical box in which she can sing. The story defines the dynamic while Cramer’s voice and instrument work in concert, melodically. 

On November 18, 2020 the singer released a six song EP of her performance on ‘One Honest Nation With Devin Wheeler.’ The record is a beautiful and intimate snapshot in time. The artist stands alone at the microphone, guitar in hand. There is no audience, and no accompaniment. And none are needed. 

For example, on the song “Don’t Wake Me” Cramer pulls us into her daydream without the assistance of a single electronic effect on her voice or guitar. From the uplifting Pop soul of “You Deserve Your Love” to the heartbreak and longing of songs like “Vanilla” and “Wash it Away,” the singer lays her heart on the line and delivers a beautiful performance that is equally confident and vulnerable. 

Cramer live on “One Honest Nation with Devin Wheeler”
Audio engineers: Devin Wheeler, Alexis Sullivan, Brandon Deneal and Jesus Vargas.

Check out Cramer’s ‘One Honest Nation’ interview and performance above. Check out the EP on Spotify, and “You Deserve Your Love” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with the artist. Get in the loop on all of her current and future projects.




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Cramer on the Deep Indie Dive playlist