Ayeimtuff Drops New Single “Talk to Em Wodie”

Ayeimtuff (a/k/a Wodie) is an aspiring Hip-hop artist and entrepreneur from New Orleans, Louisiana. When Wodie was just a child his father was incarcerated. As a result he grew up with a single mother and little opportunity. He turned to music at a young age as his passion and as an outlet to express himself. Throughout his life the artist has remained close to his mother, each supporting and protecting the other as they made their way through the world. 

Early in 2020 Wodie began to release his music to the public. His output in that short time has been remarkable. With dozens of tracks on SoundCloud and on most streaming platforms like  Spotify and Apple Music, the talented young rapper has produced a career-worthy catalog in less than a year. And he is showing no signs of slowing down. Soon he will release a new EP entitled “Life of a Wodie.” The ‘wodie’ nickname comes from a New Orleans specific use of the word to mean “homie.”

The record promises to be a journey through his life and struggles up to this point. The artist explains that his sole motivation is to, “make his mom proud.” That same motivation has been driving him through his young but productive career so far. He’s been telling his story in songs like “Back In The Day,” “Lead Me Home,” “No Trust,” “Copy Me,” “Tell Me Why” and the new track “Talk To Em Wodie.”

“Talk To Em Wodie” rolls on a mellow, Jazz-infused Hip-Hop groove. A classic R&B bass and keyboard chord change flows while tremolo and delay guitar floats in the periphery. Meanwhile Ayeimtuff delivers an auto tune melodic rap narrative, telling stories from his own life and from the neighborhood. It’s a fresh sound from a talented and ambitious young artist.


Check out “Talk to Em Wodie” and follow the links below to connect with Ayeimtuff. Keep up with all of the artist’s many upcoming projects. He has new music on the way and even has his own clothing line in the works. Get on his socials and get in the loop.

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