Serpentones’ Hot Honky-Tonk Bar Band Groove

Serpentones is the brainchild of singer, songwriter and guitarist Sean Kershaw. The Brooklyn-based veteran musician has gigged from Los Angeles to New York and everywhere in between. It’s a musical journey that started in 1989 when the young musician was busking on the streets of New Orleans. 

He’s played Rockabilly, Ska, Punk and Country and counts everyone from Johnny Cash to P-Funk and The Clash as influences. In recent years Sean Kershaw has made a name for himself with his popular roots Country group, “Sean Kershaw and the New Jack Ramblers.” Since 2007 he has been shaking up the NYC metro area with a sound that the New York Times called, “high-octane honky-tonk.” 

A little while ago Sean found himself writing a collection of songs that were a too rocking for the Ramblers. So he recruited ”Dangerous” Dave Dawson on drums and Kentucky Parkis on bass. The Serpentones were born. The band was originally formed with the intent of playing live. Of course, in 2020 no one his doing much house rockin’ or honky tonkin’. So Kershaw got the band in the studio to capture the magic.

This is a hastily recorded set of songs by some very seasoned musicians. I hoped to capture both the raw feel of our collective performance as well as the nuances of the songwriting and excellent musicianship.

Sean Kershaw

“Tubescreamer (And a Bottle of Wine)” is the fifth track from Serptones’ debut EP. The song cracks with raw, live energy. On the recording the group is joined by Kath Byrnes on saxophone and the legendary Kenny Soule on percussion, keyboards and backing vocals. 

As the band rolls along on a funky bar band groove, Kershaw riffs like a Rock & Roll beat poet. Over the course of six and a half minutes he drops clever lines and pop culture references to everyone from The Who, Star Wars and Flo from the play/TV show “Alice.” It’s a lot of fun.

Check out “Tubescreamer (And a Bottle of Wine)” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And follow the links below to connect with Sean Kershaw and the Serpentones.




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