D.K. Lyons’ Moving New Video – Long Way Home

D.K. Lyons is a singer/songwriter originally from Boston, Massachusetts and now living and working in the vibrant artistic community of New York City’s East Village. After a handful of advance singles, he released his debut album “The Past (Romanticized)” earlier this year. The record’s twelve tracks chronicle the young man’s journey so far, from his boyhood home to his current status as guitar-toting storyteller.

With influences that range from Tom Petty to Goo Goo Dolls and The 1975, D.K. Lyons’s sound keeps one foot in modern Alternative Rock and Pop, and the other planted in Rock & Roll history. Classic Rock influences his songwriting and performing style, but he molds it into an entirely modern sound that is all his own. He says his writing on the subjects of love, hope, loss, and fear is informed by the fact that he was raised by, “a triad of powerful women.”

“Long Way Home” is the eighth track on “The Past (Romanticized)” with a brand new video, released November 27, 2020. The song is a touching and heartfelt Alt-Folk chronicle of the universally recognizable melancholy of nostalgia. Over a simple acoustic guitar, bass, drums and piano arrangement Lyons sings, “It’s a long way home, when you’re out on the road alone.” The performances are excellent throughout, with D.K.’s voice and lead guitar as real stand-outs.

The accompanying video to “Long Way Home” is a deeply personal recount of the singer’s own life, and that of his family. Home movies are juxtaposed with current day footage of Lyons and his sister travelling across the country. Much of the old footage features the two as children with their father who passed away when they were still young. It is a very moving and loving tribute.

Check out the video for “Long Way Home,” above. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with D.K. Lyons. Get on his socials and stay in the loop on all of this talented young artist’s current and future projects.






D.K. Lyons on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

D.K. Lyons