Dav Friend Fights For Love Amidst The Rain

Dav Friend is an Indie-Pop singer/songwriter from the city of Brno in the Czech Republic. On November 10, 2020 the young artist made his debut with the single and video, “Rain.” Although this is his first release, his arrival is a long time coming. Friend has been writing and performing his own original music since he was just 8 years-old when he and his sister formed the group “Music Friends.” 

In the years since those humble beginnings, Dav has been refining his craft and honing his skills. From his studies in composition and performance to his lifelong devotion to the art of Pop, the singer has been preparing himself for a life in music. Of his influences he lists the biggest stars to ever top the popular music charts; Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Adele, Amy Winehouse and many more. With his debut single he hopes to enter their arena, and he is off to a great start.

“Rain” is a soulful Indie-Pop single and video of longing and regret. Over a funky piano riff and a smooth Hip-hop beat, Dav sings an emotional narrative about being on the wrong end of unrequited love. Laced with symbolism and metaphor, the song examines the loneliness and insecurity that comes with the territory. Dav’s vocal performance strikes the perfect balance between confidence and vulnerability. In the video he acts out this romantic drama with interspersed scenes of Justin Timberlake-inspired dance moves.

The video represents how I dealt with the refusal. At first I try to solve it with evil (rage and sabotage) but then I found out that I will not solve anything like that so the divine light illuminated me and healed me. I switched to the side of good.

Dav Friend

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Dav Friend
Dav Friend