Psycho Snake – Hot New Hip-Hop Straight Outta OZ

Psycho Snake is a 20 year-old rapper from the opposite side of the world than most of his heroes. The aspiring Aussie Hip-hop artist counts American stars as his biggest influences. Artists like; Eminem, 2Pac, Biggie, Big L, Kanye, Drake, Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson all shaped his sound.

He’s been making music for three years but is just now getting his music out to the international public. With four tracks on his YouTube channel so far, people are starting to notice. His latest is a remix of the beat from Jack Harlow’s Tyler Herro, but with his own rhymes. And they’re a lot of fun.

“Psycho Snake – Tyler Herro Remix” features the rapper impressive flow and biting sense of humor. The track is definitely NSFW, but it is really clever. Each line has at least a little surprise, with unexpected rhymes and crafty twists of rhythm. It’s great stuff and he had me laughing more than once in the 1:44 song. The last verse features some really impressive chopping that I really dug.

Check out the lyric video, above. And follow the links below to connect with Psycho Snake. Get on his socials and subscribe to his YouTube channel. Keep an eye on this rapper from Down Under. This is likely not the last we will hear from him.

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