Lee Sylvestre’s Beautiful Yet Sobering “Golden”

Lee Sylvestre is a New England singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist currently residing in New Haven, CT. Although he made his debut as a solo artist just two years ago, Lee has been a working musician for the better part of the last two decades. In that time he has recorded with countless other artists as a session musician for hire.

“Golden” is Lee Sylvestre’s latest single, released November 26, 2020. The song is a mellow, downtempo track that very quietly mixes a number of musical styles together into a wonderfully chill tune. The beautiful room sound of a Jazz drum kit introduces the track. As the kick drum booms, Lee’s finger-picked acoustic guitar and laid back lead vocals enter the mix. 

Through the first verse the Folk/Jazz vibe sounds a bit like some long lost Jackson Browne and Leo Kottke collaboration. As the song progresses the mix expands to include ethereal electric guitar chords, ambient keys and lush backing vocals. It’s a smooth Adult Contemporary Pop sound. Although the “stay golden” chorus sounds like a simple and uplifting sentiment, Lee explains that there is a bit of side-eyed wisdom at play.

2020’s been a tough year, and I’ve been inspired by the way some folks have handled it. The way some leaders have handled it has left me filled with dismay…there’s a little sarcasm in telling them to stay ‘Golden’.

Lee Sylvestre

You can hear “Golden” featured on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. And follow the links below to connect with Lee Sylvestre. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of this talented artist’s current and future projects.





Lee Sylvestre on the Deep Indie Chill playlist

Lee Sylvestre