Shantel Giselle Aspires to Inspire With A Kickass “Sauce”

Shantel Giselle is an up and coming rapper, originally born and raised in Detroit and now based in Los Angeles, California. Since making her debut last year she has connected with thousands of fans worldwide through her music and through social media, with a message of empowerment and self reliance.

Since 2019 Shantel has released four official singles and is currently working on her debut album.  On her popular YouTube channel, in addition to her official songs, Giselle features freestyle raps and motivational spoken-word videos. She delivers smart and inspiring messages about self care and self expression.

“Sauce” is Shantel Giselle’s single and video inspired by the confidence she taught herself, after growing up as an orphan. Over a Trap beat with psychedelic synths, cool robotic hi-hats and deep bass hits she rhymes with a smooth and confident flow. Shantel incorporates elements of Reggaeton into her rap style as well as her beats. In the video she stands defiantly in front of a graffiti wall, declaring to all who will listen the she has “the sauce.” 

I wanted to write a kickass song for any and all who were made to feel less than in their lives. I wanted SAUCE to be a song that would remind listeners of how amazing they are, to always have confidence in themselves, and to bravely stand up for themselves if the world tries to ever tear them down again. 

Shantel Giselle

Check out the video for “Sauce,” above. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Click the links below to connect with this talented young artist and follow her as her journey unfolds.





Shantel Giselle on the Deep Indie Beat playlist

Shantel Giselle